Song Infos

See stats and information about your music library that you couldn't see before!


See your music stats


Find out who's your most favorite song, album or artist
What you listened the most to

Top 10s

View your top 10 songs, albums, artists or playlists in the app, ordered by play count, skip count or minutes played


Songs that you played on today's day and month but on a former year will be shown in the app

THE Statistic App For iTunes Libraries And Apple Music

Song Infos features a huge amount of statistics about your personal iTunes and / or Apple Music library

Play Count

View the play count of a song, album, artist or playlist directly in the app

Skip Count

Find out which song, album, artist or playlist you skipped most often

Last Played Date

When was the last time you heard one specific song, album, artist or playlist?

Never played

See which songs, albums, or even artists in your library you have never played before

First song

See which song was the first to be added to your library and started it

Library size

See how many songs, album or artists are in your library

Recently Added

See which song, album or artist was the most recent to be added to your library

Minutes Played

View the amount of minutes playes of a song, album, artist or playlist


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